Sexuality and family law
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"Invitation to a Stoning" (Christian Reconstructionists), Reason, November 1998 (& subsequent letters exchange with Andrew Sandlin and William Gould)

"Family Planning: Social Engineering Tempts the Right", Reason, March 1998 (& subsequent letters exchange with Richard Gill)

"Free To Commit" (Louisiana covenant marriage law), Reason, October 1997.

"Return to Normalcy" (Andrew Sullivan, Virtually Normal), Reason, January 1996.

"Winged Defeat", review of "Angels in America", National Review, January 24, 1994.

At Law: Divorce Court New York Style, City Journal, Spring 1993.

"Kidlib and Mrs. Clinton: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle", National Review, May 11, 1992.

"Suing Ourselves to Death", (excerpt, The Litigation Explosion), Washington Post, April 28, 1991.


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