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Reviews of The Excuse Factory

The Excuse Factory was published by The Free Press, a division of Simon & Schuster, in the summer of 1997. Some review highlights (courtesy, in part, of Writers' Reps):

"Engaging, witty and provocative...a comprehensive examination of the unintended consequences of our ever-expanding network of well-intentioned employment laws....appears destined to have as much impact as his controversial 1991 polemic against plaintiff’s lawyers, The Litigation Explosion." -- Roger Parloff, The American Lawyer

Riveting...The author has shown what is wrong -- and why -- with the American workplace....His book, written in the best traditions of reformist polemic, is studded with one bewildering real-life case after another... Let the book serve as a warning of the way things might become if this country were to drop its guard." -- Tunku Varadarajan, London Times

"Olson shows how the U.S. has created a nightmare of contradictory regulations that would humble Kafka. And he does it with the drama of a detective novel....If [the] winds of freedom ever loosen the government’s ever-tightening grip on America’s employers, The Excuse Factory will surely deserve some of the credit." -- David R. Henderson, Fortune

"Devastating and eloquent...Like his 1991 The Litigation Explosion, the book is a model of clear thinking, thorough research, and judicious understatement." -- Matthew Scully, The American Spectator

"With the publication of his latest book, Walter K. Olson leaves little doubt as to who is the most incisive critic of the American legal system today.... a compelling indictment [that] makes complicated legal issues easily understandable.... hands-down one of the best books available on America’s faltering legal system." -- John J. Miller, Amazon.com (recommended short-list Current Events book)

"To read Walter Olson’s wittily scathing account of modern employment law is to wander through a grotesque workplace wonderland" -- Paul Reidinger, American Bar Association Journal

"Excellent...A devastating criticism of our employment laws, based on thorough research and cogent argument." -- David Gordon, National Review

"Lively, well-documented, thorough and entertaining" -- Roger Clegg, The Weekly Standard

"Engaging -- and slashing...The burden on the economy from litigation and defensive measures by employers may not be precisely quantifiable, but it is certainly enormous." -- Tim Ferguson, Wall Street Journal

"Brings historical perspective, insightful analysis and common sense to a subject mostly lacking all three. This highly readable account deserves a wide audience....captures the Alice in Wonderland quality of the new employment law." -- David Marston, Baltimore Sun

"An important book... Olson is an excellent writer and wades through the morass of employment law in a sure and graceful manner....While even the casual reader will find Olson's book entertaining and lively, if you run a business, work in a human resources office or supervise other workers, this is a book you need to read." -- Martin Morse Wooster, Detroit News

"Walter Olson should take a bow for demonstrating, once again, that America's lawyers are unsafe at any speed." -- Deroy Murdock, MSNBC/Washington Times

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