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Reviews of The Litigation Explosion

Review highlights, The Litigation Explosion: What Happened When America Unleashed the Lawsuit by Walter Olson (E.P. Dutton/Truman Talley Books)

"An elegance, wit, and understated passion that is a delight to encounter….It's become a familiar complaint that the 'lawsuit industry' is crippling American business....[Here] is by far the best account yet available on how things got that way -- and what to do about it.… So buy this book, read it, then give it to a lawyer; if nothing else, it will show him or her what good writing is all about." -- Chris Byron, New York magazine

"A valuable contribution to the public interest....A well-informed layman like the author, looking at the broad picture, can perhaps see what some of us within the profession do not see -- or do not want to see." -- former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger, New York Times Book Review

"Lively, challenging and even entertaining…Olson goes beyond the tired old bogeymen of the lawyer-bashers and offers a more thoughtful and probing analysis of what has gone wrong in our legal system....Olson may not take it as a compliment, but he resembles nothing so much as an especially articulate and passionate lawyer making a closing argument to the jury." -- Jonathan Kirsch, Los Angeles Times

"A brisk, bright book…what's really striking...is the clarity with which he expounds legal theories and complexities." -- The New Yorker

"Brimming with intelligence, smartly written, accessible to lawyer and layman alike….I wish I'd had this book in law school.... the clearest explanation yet of why the legal system went haywire....Olson has launched a cruise missile of a book straight into the heart of America's corrupted litigation system." -- James Andrews, National Review

"A hard-hitting expose of what the deregulation of litigation has done to American society in the last 20 years. From child custody to acquisitions and mergers, Olson demonstrates the depth of the problem." -- Booklist

"An important book....The catalogue of abuses by the legal profession cited here seems endless." -- Publisher's Weekly

"His research is impressive, drawn not just from popular publications but from law journals and court decisions as well...Olson...has learned a lot from the trial lawyers he so energetically eviscerates, and his style of argumentation would make even the most aggressive and dramatic of them proud....He certainly knows an awful lot about the folkways and fallacies of the caste he castigates." -- Newsday

"A splendid book….Mr. Olson, writing in lucid, jargon-free prose...has correctly analyzed the causes of the sickness of our litigation system and he also presents prescriptions for at least a partial cure." -- Judge Robert Bork, Washington Times/Insight magazine

"Intelligent, provocative....Olson is skillful in distilling the legal arguments and explaining both the ideas and their significance to his audience." -- Christian Science Monitor

"Convincing....A persuasive case for reform of the civil-litigation system." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Colorful and accurate…Olson's contribution, and the unifying theme of his book, is to articulate what practicing lawyers themselves know but seldom have time to think about and today's law schools almost totally ignore." -- John Kester, The Washingtonian

"Superbly crafted...Even the most partisan lawyer will agree with Mr. Olson that many areas of the system cry for reform...A devastating indictment." -- James Zirin, Chief Executive

"Passionate and eloquent...Lawyers in their greed...legislators by their negligence, courts by the relaxation of rules...and the U.S. Supreme Court by its failure to protect due process are all flushed from their bunkers under Olson's withering salvos." -- Fortune

"What Adam Smith was to free marketeers and Karl Marx was to revolutionaries, Walter Olson is to court reformers. The Litigation Explosion is a superb work of advocacy that catalogues every mistake the court system has made in the last fifty years. This book is the entering wedge for a serious reassessment of civil courts." --Richard Neely, Chief Justice, West Virginia Supreme Court; author, How Courts Govern America

"Will appeal to anyone wondering why the litigation explosion developed, what it means, and who profits and who loses...Recommended." -- Library Journal

Interviews, features and appearances on author and book included Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, "Oprah", "Donahue", the Larry King radio show, and many others. The book was excerpted in the Washington Post, Policy Review, Reason, American Enterprise, and Across the Board. In a headline-making speech to the American Bar Association, Vice President Dan Quayle praised the book as "one of the most insightful studies" of America's love affair with the lawsuit.

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